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12 August 2018

In Chris Catling's 'Sherds' column in Current Archaeology (Aug/Sept 2018) he makes a reference to a recent discovery at Tintagel in Cornwall. This is the name of Budic found inscribed on a slate window ledge that appears to have an affinity with the name of Boudicca, This is reminiscent of a tombstone found in Roman Cirencester back in 2015 – 'to the shades of Bodicaeia my wife who lived 27 years'. This might suggest Boudicca as a personal name was popularised amongst the Romano British – and Bodic's name belongs to the immediate post-Roman period (5th or 6th centuries AD).

Catling then contrasts the media treatment that broke out in 1998 when the name of Artognu was found at Tintagel with that of the news about Budic. This was presented stridently as evidence that King Arthur was a historical personality. The Budic find has not resulted in a media frenzy which is rather strange as he is mentioned twice in Geoffrey of Monmouth's 'History of the Kings of Britain' – as King Arthur's uncle in one reference and as his brother in law in another reference.

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