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6 October 2018
Climate change

At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/10/05/the-problem-with-puffins/ … we have an article on the decline of the puffins. In a nutshell we have a fine example of how alarmism works. It constructs a narrative that is based on doom and gloom – an entirely false case that can easily be refuted (but which the media are loathe to do for reasons only they understand). This is achieved by being economical with the truth – or in this case with actual reality. The same alarmist gobbledegook is central to the polar bear non event but in this instance the alarmists just ignore the real reasons why puffins are in decline – and none of it has anything to do with global warming. Firstly, puffins rely on sandeels (in the main) for their lunch and therefore factory ships sweeping up tons and tons of sandeels and other small sea creatures for the fertiliser industry and as a component in tinned cat food are the real villains, as well as the twists and turns of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation. It's a bit like the coral bleaching events which go on all the time (and all the time the corals bounce back) which is ignored as it is vital for the activists to alarm people with the idea the Great Barrier Reef is dying – when it is as large as life and thriving. The really funny thing about the puffins of course is that the fertiliser goes into commercial 'fish blood and bone' fertiliser, the organic alternative to Growmore (which is produced in factories and therefore inorganic). In other words, all those green allotment holders who insist on the organic version of a general fertiliser, 'fish blood and bone', are the real problem – causing the decline in puffin numbers. It's a bit like the Green Blob which insisted on the use of palm oil (organic) at the expense of tropical forest in places like Borneo. All they managed to do was put the orang utan on the endangered list. All that greens touch causes doom – yet they still continue to bleat the message that it is the rest of the population that are evil and greedy and nasty etc. Do they ever look in the mirror? Mind you, they were really very clever when they got the Drax power station to convert from coal (fossilised wood) to wood pellets (harvested from living woodland). The only creatures you'll find in coal measures are dead ones (fossils) but the creatures in wood pellet woodland are living creatures – not only do they harvest trees but the whole ecosystem is put into terminal decline (just like the palm oil plantations that have replaced virgin tropical forest). It seems to be a repeatable problem with the alarmists – claiming to be guardians of the environment whilst destroying the environment with their expensive ideas. Take the wind turbines – killing bats by the billions all over the industrialised world, bats that are in the UK on the endangered list of species (but the wind turbines get a free pass itr would seem). Alarmism is a double edged sword – and in the hands of politicos it can only go pear shaped.

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