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Mountain Building

12 November 2018

At https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2016-05-11/arc-blast-part-1/ … this subject popped up the other day in the study group meeting. I thought I would have a read – and the invitation is for anyone else to do the same. Make up your own mind. Andrew Hall chose electric processes around the poles to explain mountain building (or at least the pointy tops of mountains) which he says is decisive evidence of the EU theory. The idea that electro-magnetic activity, or a current, can power through the earth, and a flow of plasma in molten magma below the crust, is energised from without, is an interesting idea, especially if an electric current develops within. Various people of course have tried to link earthquake and volcanic activity to solar storms and plasma pulses but mainstream do not seem to take such ideas seriouslyand conclusive evidence is lacking.

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