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Space Weather

6 December 2018
Climate change

Interesting post with links at https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2018/12/04/space-weather-may-predict-fut… … space weather may be used to predict future climate change. Historical space weather may help climate scientists predict future events and atmospheric cycles – from the University of Warwick. They discovered a repeatable pattern in the way space weather activity alters over each solar cycle. Although the claim they discovered this is untrue as sceptic science has been promulgating such ideas for a couple of decades – beating their heads against the wall of the consensus. Having said that this is a refreshing study in some ways as they go on to say the Sun is not entirely constant – as far as its impact on the solar system is concerned (but edged in weasel words so as not to upset the mainstream mandarins). According to United Nations gobbledegook (IPCC) the Sun is not variable and has a constant flux towards the Earth. In this study the authors are aware that space cameras are showing this to be fundamentally suspect. They have been looking at the 11 year solar cycles (over a short period of time, the well recorded last 50 years) and this is the result of their research. In addition, we may note global warming was not their main consideration but rather, the fact that big CMEs can cause problems for communication systems and electrical grids on the surface of the earth. Trying to understand how the Sun varies (even if limited within certain parameters) is important for modern civilisation – and reliance on computers and cell phones etc. Many others have gone down this path but previously little attention has been paid to them as it was hypthetical in many ways – and not accepted by mainstream as a fact of life. Once the idea that the Sun is not constant, as far as its impact on climate on earth is concerned, the sooner the alarmism will grind to a halt – and we most of us can have a good belly laugh.

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