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A Blunter view of Muck deposits

18 April 2019

At https://cataclysmiccontinentalshift.blogspot.com/2018/05/mammoths-in-tun… … this appears to be a site that does not much favour the mainstream view on mammoths in the tundra. It begins thus, 'there is no way animals that size could survive in a frozen wasteland …'. It seems they have not caught up with recent research as it is quite clear Beringia was far from a frozen wasteland. If it had been written 20 years ago the statement of intent would have been correct and one would have to agree with it. However, we now know that there was vegetation in Beringia and a lot of large animals were able to forage. Basically, the blog author is of the opinion there was a cataclysm (which later emerges as the Biblical Flood). This involved continental drift – which is also out of date as Plate Tectonics is now on the menu. His argument is that elephants eat lots of vegetation – and mammoths were elephants. It therefore seems logical to suppose there was lots of vegetation in Alaska and the Yukon. Not so much grassland (or praire) as much as mixed woodland and steppe. He also says that the stomach contents of at least one mammoth carcase in Siberia contained temperate climate zone herbs (presumably a reference to buttercups). He goes on to suggest a huge part of Siberia as well as Alaska was ice free and therefore that must be due to continental shift.

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