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Aliens and Philosophers

28 April 2019
Climate change

AGW has thrown up some crazy ideas and scaremongering but this one takes the biscuit, you might say. Are the lizards shedding their clothing. At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/04/27/oxford-professor-aliens-breeding-… … an Oxford professor has said aliens have interbred with humans to produce hybrids which have a better chance of surviving a climate catastrophe (which is derived from www.oxfordstudent.com/2019/04/26/oxford-professors-theory-on-climate-cha… ). This is either a spoof, taken out of context, or the climate demons (the lizards in grey suits) are emerging from the recesses of the heads of climate apocalypse adherents. You can imagine the tone of the comments at Anthony's place but the idea behind it appears to suggest a proliferation of nuclear weapons as well as global warming has triggered the aliens. We aren't told where they come from but suffice to say the chap seems to have read up on UFOs and abductions by aliens in space ships. Not your best point of reference. The professor seems to be appealing to a higher authority. Not God of course as that would be a backward step, but aliens (much more kudos amongst the targeted audience). Without God as a lynch pin I suppose aliens are a substitute which won't draw condemnation from his peers. The link even has a video of the professor at prayer. Sorry, talking about his ideas.

Another study is focussed around a philosopher (another academic of dubious use to the wider world) who rages against 'the aggrandisement of science' and submission 'to the authority of science' … which is rather bemusing as he is saying don't listen to the scientists or read up on the climate science but use other means to come to a decision on global warming – which of course is what most proponents of the scam already do. Is he trying to justify his own inability to get to grips with science or is he saying if science disagrees with alarmism don't take any notice of what the scientists say but shout even more loudly that the end of the world is nigh. I find it really interesting that all this dread of the collapse of human society came about leading up to and following the year 2000 – which in Biblical symbolical numbers is associated with the lead up to the end of the world. Are the head bangers secretly (and unbeknownst to them) responding to Christian eschatology?Go to http://notrickszone.com/2019/04/28/philosopher-warns-against-the-aggrand…

Meanwhile the UK government is supposedly still floundering around but is that too glib a way of looking at how they operate. One could say the sudden collapse in fracking is due to governemntal weakness (as claimed by the outgoing energy minister) but one could also say they were being artful – or disingenious. Nothing genius about it of course as it leaves the UK without all that gas that is underground and just waiting to be fracked, providing jobs in unemployment black areas and reawakening the industrial north to a bit of innovation and prospects that things might eventually get better. The artful dodge is of course to set the earthquake bar too low. What were they thinking as even a lawyer or an undertaker (and we have both in the government) should have been able to see the enviros were being adroit with the truth and earthquakes so small and so far below the smallest of discernible earthquakes were an irrelevance as these are occurring all the time, 24 hours a day, and nobody is aware of them (fracking or no fracking). Its all part of earth geology. As the government also has members intrinsically stuck like glue to family sweaty palms mixed up in renewables one cannot but help think this has all been contrived – projecting the idea they are interested in replenishing British sources of gas and oil when in reality they are opposed to it as oil and gas is cheaper and more sensible as a source of energy (it is not intermittent for instance) as they would rather virtue signal and keep the renewables lobby greedily filling up their pockets at the expense of electricity bills that are eye watering if you are living on a pension or a low income. After all, the current party in power represents the well heeled and if you look back into UK history you will find was ever thus (sod the poor). The really surprising difference here is that the unions actually favour climate change rules – at the expense of their members. There is of course a reason for this – follow the money tree.

Robert has sent in a link to www.thegwpf.org/BBC-accused-of-serious-errors-and-misleading-statements-… … and even people working long hours with little time to catch up on the news have heard that the walrus farce was contrived but Benny Peiser and pals at the GWPF are pressing other outright falsifications in the TV programme which over hyped CAGW alarmism to an extraordinary degree and was obviously previously arranged to coincide with the upper class types and schoolteachers (on hols) in last week's protests in London (which succeeded in antagonising people getting to and from work and to hospital and business appointments). It didn't really achieve anything but a lot of noise but we were left with a beautiful picture of two fruit loops (a former Labour leader and a potential Conservative leader) sitting in thrall to a 16 year old admonishing the UK for the industrial revolution. It so perfectly enscapulated the idiocy of it all that it is something that will stick in my mind to the day I die.


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