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Anomalies on Jupiter

20 May 2019

At jplnewsroom [at] jpl [dot] nasa [dot] gov we are told NASAs Juno mission has found changes in Jupiter's magnetic field. The discovery, it is hoped, will help scientists to understand Jupiter's internal structure (including its atmospheric dynamics) as well as changes in Earth's magnetic field (see also www.nasa.gov/juno and www.nasa.gov/jupiter

Meanwhile, at http://spaceweather.com (May 20th 2019) we have the Great Red Spoit unravelling. It seems amateur astronomers are monitoring a strange phenomenon at the edge of Jupiter's great red spot …

   … a streamer of gas has detached itself. The plume of gas is enormous, stretching 10,000km from the central storm to a nearby jet stream that is carrying it away. Currently, streamers like this are peeling off every week and the great red spot, as a consequence, is getting smaller. Events such as this, we are told, show we have much to learn about Jupiter-s atmosphere.

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