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Solar cycle 25

3 July 2019

At http://spaceweather.com (2nd July 2019) … the face of the Sun has been blank for several days but on Sunday a small sun spot appeared, the beginnings of solar cycle 25. The solar minimum is still ongoing but the sun spot is a sign that it is coming to an end. The polarity of the sun spot is affected by its magnetic field. Sun spots switch polarity from one solar cycle to the next one, which is how they can tell it is cycle 25.

The Earth passed by the edge of the Taurid meteor stream on June 28th – but nothing has been reported, as yet. Astronomers had lined up telescopes to peer into the stream in order to find out the size of the objects orbiting out there as the Earth is due to pass even closer in the near future. Presumably, if some big or dense object had been observed they would have mentioned it by now.

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