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Religion and Younger Dryas

14 October 2019

At https://cosmictusk.com/uncharted-x-younger-dryas-religious-myth/ … which is of course a fascinating subject that attracted a good deal of people to the ideas of Velikovsky. What role does religion have in catastrophic events – supplication to a sky deity via ritual, recitation, and hymns etc. Even re-enactments of catastrophic events in an attempt to understand them – and why deity may have demanded the lives of so many humans (and animals). It is a subject that most people shy away from but something must have happened in order for people all around the world, separated by geography, to feel a need to worship, or placate, an often violent god (or gods). In the video at the link above we have somebody offering his view on the subject from the perspective of the Younger Dryas Boundary event. One has to realise that such a core myth could have been reinforced time after time over a long period of time – all the way down to the Bronze Age, by lesser catastrophic events but also with an origin in the sky (or atmospheric phenomena). It is possible of course that the core myth predates the Younger Dryas and therefore the latter may be viewed as a reinforcing event rather than the original catastrophe that sparked it all off. Rens van der Sluijs has done some good work on this – and has published several books.

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