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Solar Puzzle

1 November 2019

The solar puzzle is of course how the Sun works. At https://phys.org/news/2019-10-overlooked-piece-solar-dynamo-puzzle.html … where the earth model is still a dynamo, it would seem. This refers to a previously unobserved mechanism at work in the Sun's rotating plasma – a magnetic instability. Scientists thought it was physically impossible under such conditions – but it seem it is there. The effect may even play a pivotal role in the formation of the Sun's magnetic field.

Just like an enormous dynamo the Sun's magnetic field is generating electric currents, we are told. In order to try and understand what seems to be a self reinforcing mechanism researchers must first  understand the pressure and flow in solar plasma. Differing rotating speeds in different regions of the Sun, as well as complex flow patterns in the Sun's interior seem to combine to generate the magnetic field. In the process unusual magnetic effects seem to occur – like the recently found magnetic instability. 

Researchers have coined the term 'super HMRI' for the recently observed phenomena. It is a magnetic mechanism that causes the rotating electro conducting fluids and gases in the magnetic field to become unstable. The super HMRI require exactly the same conditions that prevail in the plasma close to the solar equator – the place where most sun spots occur (and therefore the Sun's region of greatest magnetic activity). So far, the instability is not integrated into models of the solar dynamo. So, the crunch seems to be – is there a solar dynamo in quite the way mainstream maintains. The ambition is to understand how the Sun works.

Over at www.electricuniverse.info/safire-project/ … we have a set of laboratory based experiments. They built a chamber in order to understand how electricity manifests itself in solar and star systems.

See also the official Safire Project web site at www.safireproject.com

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