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Rectangular Sun

12 February 2020

Yes, this is really a picture of the Sun, as seen over the ocean near Rio de Janiero – see https://spaceweather.com (February 10th 2020) ….

   … It is caused by atmospheric optics – a form of 'mock mirage sunset', we are told. An upwelling of cold water sometimes cools the air near the sea surface (off shore Brazil), a process that is then affected by other factors. In this instance a warm layer of air sat on top of the cold layer creating a temperature inversion. The sunset rays passing across the layers were bent to form a mirage effect – but not only that. The strong temperature inversion with ducting plus several mini inversions made a multiple sliced set of images that merged together into a rectangle. You are looking at a layer cake formation – thin slices that have come together to astonish any human in the vicinity.

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