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Hammam destruction matrix

7 March 2020

The Hammam excavations newsletter has revealed some interesting facts about the destruction of the MB city. For example, yesterday they were photographing the remains of two skulls (for documentary purposes) and described them  – or rather, described what was left of them. This was mainly upper dentition. However, it is teeth that are the most rewarding parts of the skull to examine as they may contain DNA and are just the thing for analysis. One of them was 70 per cent complete but missing its lower jaw. The other skull was much more fragmentary but did have its upper jaw. These will be boxed up and shipped back to a US laboratory. It is then that it is revealed they came from the upper tell region – which consists of a churned up matrix about 1m in thickness. It contains hundreds of human bone fragments. Does that define the manner of its ending?

The Tall el-Hammam TeHEP excavations newsletter of 5th March 2020 is the sosurce of information on the hoof. One can sign up to receive the updates at the bottom of the home page at www.tallelhammam.com

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