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Giant Black Holes

28 June 2020

It is assumed by cosmologists that matter falling into a black hole is accelerated and compressed until it is virtually destroyed inside the so called 'event horizon.' This process is thought to create quasars, we are told, rings of hot dust and gas which are the thought to encircle black holes. According to a recent report, a distant object in the far universe, dating back shortly after Big Bang (or the big expansion event) must host a black hole that is described as a monster. Why? Because the quasar associated with it is extraordinarily bright considering how far away it is situated. In fact, the quasar is said to be too bright and too energetic – which is purported to be a mystery. The object is so far away it is thought to have come into being a few million years after Big Bang. This is of course dogma rather than reality we might say and the EU people at www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2020/06/27/black-monster/ … are highly sceptical. They say that plasma discharge events commonly generate high energy light phenomena. With enough electrical power X-rays can be generated, according to the blog author. He asks, are these, instead, expulsion discs rather than rings of dust and charged gas surrounding a black hole. 

See also www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2020/06/22/a-breach-in-space-and-time/

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