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Sunken Tools

1 July 2020

At www.jpost.com/international/archaeologists-find-underwater-sites-belongi… … two underwater sites containing Aboriginal artefacts such as stone tools have been discovered on the bottom of the Australian continental shelf system, in what is now the Torres Straits. Australia was 30 per cent larger to what it is now back in the Late Pleistocene. It was still much larger right up to 8000 years ago when sea levels in the region shot up. The two sites have yielded hundreds of stone tools as well as a freshwater spring – now submerged. The sites were found on a shallow continental shelf. However, C14 dating suggests the sites may date back 8500 years ago – implying the region was submerged during the 6200BC event. Large parts of Sunda Land were submerged at this time, leaving behind the islands of Indonesia. Bearing that in mind both sites may have been occupied for much longer and earlier (deep into the Pleistocene period).

At www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/teotihuacan-pyramid-moo… … a cave underneath the temple of the Moon in Teothihuacan in Mexico.

At https://phys.org/news/2020-06-evidence-natufian-people-snakes-lizards-1…. … researchers in Israel have been excavating caves at the el-Wad Terrace site and claim to have found the likely evidence that Natufian people, dating back 15,000 years ago and therefore prior to the Younger Dryas event, ate lizards and snakes. Lots of their bones were found in the caves. They were, it seems, universally non-poisonous snakes,  which suggests they avoided the dangerous species of snake and lizard.

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