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Mystery Gas

20 August 2020

At https://phys.org/news/2020-08-mystery-gas-center-milky.html … a mystery gas has been detected seeping out of the centre of the Milky Way, a dense cold gas apparently. Exactly how the gas has been ejected is yet to be established – hence the use of the word mystery. It is said to be a star forming gas and expelling it is a bad option for the Milkiness of the Milky Way, we are told. At the same time they are excited as the phenomenon has never been seen before. What goes on at the centre of our galaxy has been a topic of discussion for some time, especially since the discovery of Fermi Bubbles – two giant orbs filled with hot gas and cosmic rays, it is thought. Hot gas emanates from the centre of the galaxy. Now, it seems, so does cold dense gas. Is it being expelled by the black hole thought to reside at the centre spot? Astronomers admit they do not know why the black hole, or the stars, can do this – or why. At the same time they say there may have seen the same phenomenon in far away galaxies, much bigger versions than the Milky Way.

Meanwhile, at www.yahoo.com/news/spectacular-image-reveals-electrical-tentacles-130100… … the image below is of a red giant jellyfish sprite lighting up the skies above Texas …

   … sent in by William. Sprites are very fast bursts of electricity that inhabit the upper regions of the atmosphere. It only lasts for fleeting moments. They can also be enormous – many miles in length and many miles tall. They can be seen from hundreds of miles away and are captured sometimes from the International Space Station.

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