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13 December 2020
Climate change

At https://notrickszone.com/2020/12/07/12-indian-meteorologists-demonstrate… … 12 Indian meteorologists demonstrate how warming can be discovered in temperature records. Another sign that Western science is taking a back seat and the future belongs to the Chinese and the Indians. A temperature record for all of India shows no increase in net warming since 1951 or 1705 but when scientists select a cold year and draw in a red hot short term upward trend for that cold year warming miraculously appears. A proxy temperature record since 1705 revealed no obvious net modern warming – and a warmer 18th century than recent decades. The same was true of an instrumental record from 1951 – no obvious net warming. This is remarkable, a  non warming trend during an era when co2 concentrations rose form 315 to 415 parts per million. Does that mean co2 and global warming is a misnomer? What is clear is that warming probably has nothing to do with human activity.

When a cold year, 1986, was selected as the starting point for global warming in India, a flaming graph was created, illustrating how warmists are able to manipulate data in their favour. This is well known from elsewhere as global warming relies on reducing temperatures in the past in order to create warming in the present. It just so happens that Indian meteorologists have not sold their souls.

In a similar vein we have an article at https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/12/09/peter-ridd-its-the-science-thats-… … it seems the doom mongers may have made a mistake by putting out Peter Ridd to pasture, as he is coming back big time to haunt them. He was probably quite happy playing along while he still had a career but since that was snatched away from him by warmist zealots he has been fighting back, and this article is one of an increasing number with an origin in his pen. He just knows more about the Great Barrier Reef than any of his enemies as he has been studying it for decades, right up close. He was not sitting on his bum in front of a computer screen but did field research. He must have lots of data in his possession that will eventually blow a complete hole in the idea the reef is in its death throes. The story comes via Paul Homewood's blog at 'Not a Lot of People Know That' which itself is derived from the Global Warming Policy Forum in Britain. Ridd was invited to write an article on the current state of the Great Barrier Reef. The title of the piece, 'It's the Science that's rotten, not the Great Barrier Reef' is somewhat like a torpedo aimed at his critics. However, the media is clearly in the clutches of the Green Blob and unfortunately most of this will never see the light of day as far as ordinary folk are concerned. The perpetrators of the Green magic  money tree will of course read it and attempt to find points that they can attack, amongst  fellow doom mongers of course rather than Joe Public. Worth reading if only to assess.

Another one that might tickle your fancy is at https://notrickszone.com/2020/12/06/former-wmo-official-co2-insignifican… … a former UN official and scientist has come out and said co2 has little impact on climate but is important for life on earth. He claims that life expectancy among humans, for example, has increased in  tandem with co2 increasing, which  seems to ignore the role of modern medicine. When it comes to plants he is on a more secure footing. One cannot be perfect I suppose. Albert Kohler MSc is a physicist and probably knows more about the composition of the atmosphere than a multitude of climate scientists. Now retired, he can say what he wants without repercussions. Basically, his argument revolves around the fact earth is a water planet and the atmosphere is dominated by water vapour, which is a greenhouse gas. Water exists in quantities that far outweigh co2 and therefore must have a bigger impact. This is the achilles heel of the global warming mantra and the major reason why they will not test their theories empirically. It is always an appeal to authority rather than an examination of the science, an d the sicence they rely on goes back to the 19th century. The world of science has moved on a considerable amount over the last 100 years and relying on such a dated theory while refusing to test it is the one thing sceptics find most frustrating. Obviously, Kohler feels the same way, and this is from a man that was part of the problem during his career. He is now saying co2 is an insignificant part of the atmosphere as far as greenhouse gases are concerned. How many other scientists living on the fat of the high life know that?

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