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Doggerland – how did it sink

6 January 2021

The headline talks about Doggerland sinking but the meat of the story seems to be a change in sea levels. At www.dw.com/en/doggerland-how-did-the-atlantis-of-the-north-sea-sink/a-55… … Doggerland, the continentle shelf system of the southern North Sea basin. Was it drowned as a result of the Storegga land slide and subserquent huge tsunami wave or did it succomb somewhat later. This article hints that it survived Storegga and an island centred on what is now the Dogger Bank survived the event for hundreds of years. Dates and timing seem to be still up in the air as they are also claiming the cliffs of Heligoland are a surviving trace of the lost island. 

Meanwhile, at https://phys.org/news/2021-01-basking-sharks-families-gourmet-genetic.html … a bit of a baffling headline once again but basking sharks seem to visit Scottish inshore waters on a seasonal basis to feed on marine plankton. They also seem to travel in family related groups and frequent indoor fishing areas – now threatened by offshore wind farms. Another unintended consequence of the Green Blob. Extinction of these creatures awaits – at the altar of non existent global warming.

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