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Cosmic Massacre

23 January 2021

At www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2021/01/15/the-lake-victoria-cosmic-massacre-2/ … the author, Mungo Jupp, ask's – is there a connection between Australia's lunettes and Carolina's oval bays? The lunettes are scattered around Lake Victoria in the Murray basin, a dune like formation, sometimes with cliff like sides. Buried in them are an estimated 15,000 Aboriginal bodies of an uncertain age. Archaeologists, in the past, have claimed it was an Aborigine burial ground, with internments over around 4000 years. This may indicate fluctuating C14 dates from the bones, which requires some explanation. It could of course be put down to the nature of their burial as we shall see. The problem for the cemetery theory is that the local tribe have a completely different story, one that Mungo Jupp brought up some years ago, producing a video that was disseminated around the world via his web site www.ancientdestructions.com …. and he put this down to an electrical phenomenon, a massive discharge. At the same time he delved into the Electric Universe timeline and proposed a much more recent date for the event than geologists and archaeologists have proposed. The local Bukanji tribe have a remarkable tale to tell about the event, one that has survived down through the ages. Their re-enaction of myth and folk tale relates that a falling star slaughtered many Bukanji people and pre-empted a flooding of the basin. They sincerely believe this event happened, as handed down by their forebears. It also involved the 'red sky god' who ripped swathes through the trees and formed the huge circular dune like lunettes by means of a whirlwind. He was also responsible for the thousands of ruptured and scattered bones. Is this another example of a meteor airburst – a more ancient Tunguska like event?

The geology of the lunettes, which Jupp says have cliff like faces, is problematical. Previously, Jupp had rationalised the event as an ancient example of electrical discharging per the electric universe model, but for some reason he says he sought out Richard Firestone for an explanation. Firestone is one of the leading lights in the Younger Dryas Boundary Impact theory and therefore wedded to the meteor explanation rather than an electric phenomenon. Firestone has also investigated the possibility that supernovae played a role in the ancient past but currently appears to favour an explanation in keeping with the Clube and Napier disintegrating comet theory. Some members of the Younger Dryas team favour a connection of the Carolina Bays, as another feature of the boundary event – but others are prepared to keep that separate as it tends to cloud the issue with critics concentrating on the date of the Bays in relation to the Younger Dryas boundary. It's an argument that bogs down their main focus, what happened to cause a sudden drop in global temperatures. However, Jupp wanted to compare the Bays with the lunettes in the Murray basin, and after some discussion Firestone suggested several possibilities from a comet [disintegrating] or a supernova, and Jupp added, a giant CME. To make matters more complicated a magnetic anomaly has been found at Lake Mungo in the same area, a 20 degree reversal we are told. These geomagnetic events are now known to be fairly commonplace – even as recently as the Iron Age period. The Lake Mungo anomaly is recognised as one of several and is normally dated around 33,000 years ago. However, Jupp is probably right to point out that if an electric discharge was involved it may have occurred more recently. One may even hypothesize if one wished that it may have coincided with the Younger Dryas boundary event. However, I doubt if the team would be too pleased with that idea at the moment as the Bays are causing problems as it is. Whilst this means Jupp is  still adamant that the electric universe scenario is the one to opt for we can also see, looking in from outside the debate, that this is more likely to have been an ancient Tunguska like cosmic massacre, a meteor exploding in the lower atmosphere over that part of Australia and creating the lunettes via blast [which can also include electrical effects] and heat. This appears to be what Aboriginal myth and re-enactment seems to be saying.

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