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Earth Wind

14 February 2021

This story comes from www.spaceweather.com/2021/02/12/a-new-form-of-space-weather-earth-wind/ … or just go to web site site and click on 12th February 2021 – we know the Sun is windy and brings us a plume of electrified gas = the solar wind. Earth is also windy it would seem. It also produces a breeze of electrified gas, or plasma – just like the sun. It primarily affects the moon, and this is how it was discovered. Every day fountains of gas shoot into space from the poles = the polar wind. Once a month the moon gets hit by this, around the time of full moon. This is when earth's magnetotail points like a shotgun towards the lunar disc, for several days in succession. One effect of earth wind is to create water on the moon's surface, according to a new study at https://iopscience.org/article/10.3847/2041-8213/abd559 … hydrogen ions in earth wind combine with oxygen in moon rocks and soil to make hydroxyl and water according to Quang Shi of Shundang University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Researchers have long known that hydrogen from space rains down on the moon and can create a temporary form of surface water. Solar wind does it all the time. However, this was thought to dry up once a month when the moon enters earth's magnetic tail. Terrestrial magnetism deflates the solar  wind, potentiallly turning the OFF button, or tap. However, it does not happen it has emerged. NASA data shows that every time the moon passes through the magnetic tail of the earth lunar surface water does not disappear. Therefore, the conclusion is that earth wind is responsible.

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