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Bunurong Aborigine Myth

15 February 2021

William also supplied a link to www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2021/02/10/mega-tsunamis-chinese-junks-and-port… … which harks back to Gavin Menzies book, and the decision by China to become inward following a number of disasters to their fleet of super junks. Ted Bryant, who  had been pushing mega tsunamis in Australia, without a lot of success as mainstream dug their heels in, also became involved. Peter Mungo Jupp took up the challenge, making use of Aborigine myth. The theory is that Chinese junks turned up and established a mining community in New Zealand's south island, with an eye for gold, jade and antimony. A meteor or  comet fragment than came into the picture, wiping out the Chinese community and destroying many of their junks in the region, up to 60 of them. A huge mega tsunami wave then struck the Australian coast. See  also https://christchurch.bibliocommons.com/list/share/79555600/1125171267

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