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How Many

3 March 2021

How many meteors land on earth, a link sent in by Gary https://scitechdaily.com/the-red-comb-namib-desert-bears-scar-from-meteo… … which concerns the discovery of a meteor or asteroid impact in the Kalahari Desert – or the chunk of that desert that extends into Namibia [formerly SW Africa]. It is known as the Red Comb crater. An astronaut onboard the International Space Station took a photograph of it. It is about 130m in depth and 25km in diameter. A mean beast. They claim the impact involved a cosmic object as big as a large motor vehicle. How then did it create a crater 25km wide? Are they talking about a Tonka motor, an SUV kind of vehicle, or something the size of a bus? It was buried beneath sand dunes and supposedly hit the earth 5 million years ago. It seems that more than one hundred tons of debris from space bombard our planet on a daily basis, presumably including material dispersed by comets. This is largely particles or rock fragments from asteroids and comets, ranging from dust sized to 1m in diameter. The big ones, we are told, are few and far between. Are they trying to reassure themselves or the general public?

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