Comet Borisov

31 March 2021

Comet 21/Borisov, an interstellar object it is thought, is uniquely pristine we are told – see … Discovered by amateur comet searcher Gennady Borisov, back in 2019, has been confirmed to have an origin outside our solar system. See … for further enlightenment.

At … an international team has been monitoring radio and x-ray signals from a black hole. It is thought to be what is called a black hole x-ray binary and is tagged as MAXI J1348-630. Observations, they hope, will tell them more about the compact and transient jets emanating from it. See for further information and how to get the full text version if desired. What is being talked about here is a binary system of a black hole with a secondary companion, a low mass evolved star.

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