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Horse DNA

26 May 2021

At https://phys.org/news/2021-05-ancient-horse-dna-reveals-gene.html … ancient horse DNA reveals gene flow between Eurasian horses and those that lived in North America. The evidence seems to show the Bering Land Bridge was a big factor in pre-Holocene animal movements, back and forth between Siberia and Alaska. Does this contradict Ice Age theory of huge ice sheets covering the top of the northern hemisphere? We know the land bridge existed in the Late Glacial Maximum – a term invented to describe the theory that the maximum extent of the last Ice Age locked up huge amounts of water as ice and thereby led to lower sea levels. It is a mainstay of Plate Tectonics, and its coupled theory, the Ice Ages. We are told 'the results of this study show DNA flow between Asia and the Americas – during the Ice Ages, maintaining physical and evolutionary connectivity …' . The study is said to highlight the importance of the Bering Land Bridge as an ecological corridor. In other words, it must have existed on and off over hundreds of thousands of years – in the Pleistocene. One has to wonder how often ocean water was locked up as an ice sheet and how horses could make their way across, or around, all the Ice Age ice. However, contrary to the popular conception of the Ice Ages, the last one was far from universally cold and frozen. There were numerous warm periods interlaced over the last 100,000 years. One might even wonder if it is worthy of the term, Ice Age. The Late Glacial Maximum was certainly a fact, the ice sheet extremely thick and deep on the Canadian Shield, with an ice cap that stretched across NE America and NW Europe – but was there ice in Siberia and Alaska. Not if horses were passing to and fro across the Bering Land Bridge. In an Expanding Earth model the Asian land mass has always been connected to North America. That connection is now under the water. One has to wonder if we should be looking at changes in earth's geoid rather than ocean water locked up as ice [per mainstream and the Plate Tectonics model]. What was a simple study about horse DNA could potentially open up a 'mares nest' one might say.

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