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Moon and Magnetism

13 August 2021

Sent in by Gary www.newscientist.com/article/2285964-the-moon-may-never-actually-have-ha… … fresh analysis of Apollo moon rocks suggest the moon did not have a magnetic field of its own. Researchers analysed impact glass like rock dated just 2 million years ago and found a magnetic field was present as the rock cooled and solidified. However, it is thought by that time the moon's magnetic field should have weakened -as it is absent in the modern world. Another piece of consensus science has taken a battering – literally as well. The impact testifies to a battering of the moon by a meteor – suitably dated a long time away. Yet, the consensus was that the moon's magnetism had been receding even longer – in order for a slow process of decline per theory. To get around the problem presented by the impact itself is blamed for the magnetism – and the same may be true of magnetism in rocks dating back much further in time. In other words, there is no magnetic field on the moon in the present and therefore it is likely there never was a magnetic field – apart from a number of batterings [and Gary has his own version of the battering].

At www.heritagedaily.com/2020/10/magnetic-fields-on-the-moon-are-the-remnan… … and yet just a year ago we had this offering. The magnetic field found in moon rocks is the remnant of an ancient core dynamo. Shifting sands in the magnetic field theories. However, it also says another idea is that magnetisation processes caused by impacts are an alternative theory that is gaining ground. Out with the old and in with the new, it would seem. However, the piece clearly supports the dynamo theory as it goes on to say the researchers disproved the impact theory – until the next paper. It was of course done with computer simulation and modeling.

This might be a repeat post but it is important. At www.sciencemag.org/news/2021/07/giant-tsunami-dino-killing-asteroid-impa… … huge ripples on the sea bed emanating from the Chicxulub crater are witness to massive tsunami waves generated by the impact. Some media sources claim a mile high tsunami wave struck North America. Was the origin of the North American Inland Seaway, a layer of sediment containing numerous remains of dinosaurs.

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