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Hoarded by Hyenas

14 August 2021

At www.heritagedaily.com/2021/08/thousands-of-human-and-animal-bones-hoarde… … were they taken into the cave system slowly over a long period of time or were they washed into the lava tubes by water. Archaeologists have been doing a bit of research in Arabia's largest lava tube system and they found thousands of bones – said to have been deposited by hyenas. That is one big assumption on the part of the archaeologists. Why would they not have been washed into the cave system as the fact that hyenas existed in Arabia means that it goes back to the wet era of the early to mid Holocene. In fact, they are provisionally dated to around 7000 years ago – at least. The site, 130 km north of Medina, has a large fossil bone assemblage. It is now part of the Palaeodeserts Project which is designed to track the route of human and animal migration across the Arabian peninsular. The assumption here is that Out of Africa into Asia made use of the Arabian peninsular to spread east to India and SE Asia. Some 40 different kinds of animals have been identified so far, as part of the assemblage. They include horses, asses, camels, cattle, rodents, and humans. The site was only discovered in the mid 2000s. We are told 'experts' believe the bone accumulation was deposited by hyenas. By expert, they mean a uniformitarian spokesperson. The bones also include those of hyenas. Were they also victims of other hyenas. Coprolites found in the cave system also appear to be those of hyena – it is thought. Will be interesting how this story pans out as further research is done.

For further information on the project and its aims see www.palaeodeserts.com

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