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Earth’s magnetosphere

9 October 2021

At www.sciencealert.com/standing-waves-have-been-found-at-the-edges-of-eart… … the earth is constantly buffeted by a stream of charged particles, the solar wind. However, the earth does have a mechanism to protect its inhabitants from the worst of the effects. The magnetosphere is a bubble of magnetism, we are told. As the solar wind blows, scientists thought the magnetosphere would ripple, like energy waves, in the plasma, and along the direction, the solar wind is blowing. However, recently they were surprised to find some of the waves actually stand still. No waves were being generated in any direction. This appears to be caused by a cancelling out of the solar wind impetus by the push of the waves in the magnetosphere, against it – making them stand still. The result was achieved via modelling.

At https://phys.org/news/2021-10-astronomers-mass-supermassive-black-holes…. … astronomers now have a way to measure the mass of supermassive black holes, it is alleged.

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