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Tonga Eruption

18 January 2022

As news is emerging that several of the smaller islands in the Tonga group were swamped with the likelihood of a quite high death toll when communications get back to normal, it is perhaps worthwhile looking at a video, taken from the sky, of what occurred – sent in by William. Go to https://www.yahoo.com/news/explainer-tonga-volcanic-eruption-may-0005027… … the eruption occurred under the sea and has been releasing sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide gases in the aftermath. This is said to cause acid rain, a long ago scare story that ran for several years. It will of course also provide fertiliser, via ash and other chemicals. The plume is now moving westwards, away from Tonga. The article lists all the bad effects the environmentalist lobby are able to dream up, which is of course a one sided take on the catastrophe. Fish stocks will be poisoned, for example, and corals ruined by the ash. One can take these things with a touch of cynicism as environmentalists have long term form on being pessimistic – or of making up mountains out of molehills. Let's wait until the scientists get there and see what they say. The environmentalists are of course primarily urban folk and a long way from fishing for a living.

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