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Climate Musical Chairs

25 March 2022
Climate change

At https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.com/2022/03/18/iea-wants-energy-lockdowns/ … it seems that enviros and politicos, puffed up with the success of covid lockdowns, now want an energy lockdown, Paul Homewood tells us on his blog. Emergency measures can cut global oil demand – by rationing its use. Note – they are talking about oil – and therefore petrol. See www.iea.org/reports/a-10-point-plan-to-cut-oil-use … as issued by the International Energy Agency, another NGO by the sound of it, and too big for its boots. Key points are reducing speed limits, working from home [more holiday for the chair polishers], car free Sundays [sorry, you can’t go to church or the local garden centre], using public transport, and limiting the use of cars in towns and cities [has that anything to do with the new rules for cyclists?], and so on. The comments are a hoot.

At https://notrickszone.com/2022/03/23/hagen-germany-massacres-forest-popular-hiking-route-to-build-200-mater-tall-wind-turbines/ … climate change is decimating the environment, yet measures to combat it are supposed to save the environment for future generations. Is this a myth? Are darker forces at work? We know that virgin tropical forest has been destroyed in Indonesia and replaced by palm oil plantations, and their contribution to ethanol in Europe. We know that wind turbines kill birds, bats, migrating butterflies and other creatures, yet more and more windfarms are going to be built if the climate change people have their way. Almost all the climate change measures have a negative effect on wildlife and the environment, yet they are never criticised by the great and the good. In Germany huge swathes of pristine forest are progressively being cut down to make way for wind fars. At this rate the Black Forest will end up like the Forest of Bowland, strangely short on trees. Are the measures worth it one might ask? Currently, global warming is negligible. Hardly noticeable. Is it all a bums rush? Are we being taken for a ride by big investors looking to reap the subsidies for these monstrosities on the landscape?

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2022/03/20/met-office-study-discusses-invisible-gulf-stream-climate-signal/ … a signal of climate change in the Gulf Stream has not been found, to date, in spite of models insisting it should exist. However, this has not stopped the Met Office, and their expensive super computer at taxpayer expense, working overtime to produce a report on the subject. It is expected that climate change  will affect the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, of which the Gulf Stream forms a part. The models say so. The study goes on to say they have yet to detect any sign of this happening. It sounds like 21st century science in action. It would seem the date available fails to match the models – but the models must be right [and therefore the data available is not good enough]. An interesting concept.

The first comment is ‘cobblers’ and another one says it is difficult for the sane to comprehend the comprehension of the abnormal. I suppose that is not just true of climate but other strange ideas about gender that seem to contradict basic biology. Something to laugh at when out with the lads. Having said that it seems that solar cyle 25 is shaping up to be on with a very active sun. The surface has been full of sunspots for some time. A week or so ago there was a direct hit on the earth by an incoming CME, followed by a week of warm weather. In that week there have been 3 glancing blows by CMEs, and by the look of it, more to follow next week. See https://spaceweather.com/2022/03/23/the-thermosphere-is-warming-up/ … where we learn the thermosphere is warming up. Might we have a decent summer this year. Unfortunately that would mean the BBC constantly in a state of excitement with their doom mongering tall tales, badgering their listeners with claims climate change is real – and we are all going to burn up, die of hunger, or our islands will topple into the sea with the weight of migrants fleeing hot weather in Africa.

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2022/03/18/natures-carbon-cycle-still-in-good-working-order-researchers-find/ … a post with an origin in

https://phys.org/news/2022-03-global-carbon-emissions-deforestation-reveal.html … which concerns a research paper in which scientists say evidence seems to show co2 upticks by mother natures is influenced less by climate change than previously thought. That is a big admission. You won’t hear that from the mouths of alarmist activists, the posh boys and girls that have been indoctrinated at their fee-paying schools. Parents should demand reparations. They have been fleeced. Indeed, a professor from the University of Amsterdam is even able to say, the worst case scenario of climate change has not yet materialised. Nature’s carbon cycle is still working much as it always has.

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