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Dolphins and Whales on Swiss Mountains

26 May 2022

William sent in the link https://news.yahoo.com/prehistoric-dolphin-species-discovered-landlocked-150356910 …  fossils of a prehistoric species of dolphin, going back around 20 million years ago on the geological column, have been found in mountainous Switzerland. Many metres above modern sea level. Back in the day, Switzerland was a low lying landscape, we are told, some of it even submerged. How else would fish get there. However, the devil is in the detail as we are talking, once again, of a big dump of fossils of many kinds of fish, sharks, dolphins, mussels, sea urchins, and various other marine species. In fact, some 300 fossils of whales and dolphins have been found by paleontologists at Zurich University. Reading further we learn that the discovery involved a deposit of fragments – rough and tumbled by water. Fragments of teeth, vertebrae, and all kinds of broken bones are found in what is described as marine sediment. The researchers, nowadays, have learned to look and investigate, first, bones from the inner ear as they allow the identification of species.

A few weeks earlier, also noted by William, scientists in Switzerland, announced the discovery of whale sized marine reptiles. These were ichthyosaurs. They too were found on top of mountains. They go back to the dinosaur era, much earlier in time than the dolphins.

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