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Dinosaur Tracks

27 August 2022

Sent in by William, two links to the same story – see https://www.yahoo.com/gma/dinosaur-tracks-113m-years-ago-200947210.html … and https://www.yahoo.com/news/huge-dinosaur-tracks-uncovered-river-184956425.html … a long hot summer has revealed relics in different parts of the world, especially for archaeology. However, even older material has been uncovered. In this instance, dinosaur tracks left in soft sediment and silt that subsequently became hard rock. Over time the tracks were filled in by modern sediments and mud as in this instance they were made on what is now the bed of a river. A dry summer in Texas has revealed a long line of tracks, as the river shrank due to lack of water flow. They were hosed down to remove dirt and sediment and are open to the public, in the aptly named Dinosaur Valley Park near Fort Worth. When the water in the river returns the dinosaur tracks will be buried once more.

Dinosaur tracks are surprisingly common in geology. In the UK they can be seen in Dorset, in quarry locations. The rock here is limestone but it doesn’t say what the rock is in Texas. Or at least in the press release. It would have to have been a sedimentary rock in order to have been soft enough when they were made. It is further of interest that they are in an area well known for dinosaur remains, possibly on the margin of the Inner Seaway that is thought to have existed in the Cretaceous.

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