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Soil Science and the Younger Dryas

14 September 2022

at https://cosmictusk.com/william-mahaney-younger-dryas-impact-2022/ … a soil scientist, William Mahaney, claims to have discovered evidence of the Youger Dryas impact, in the Alps. Mount Viso carries not only an interesting Holocene glacial record but also evidence of a cosmic airburst 12.8 ka ago. There is also a Swiss version of the black mat which is presented as evidence of large scale biomass burning. The evidence consists of welded, and melted, as well as air quenched clasts of pebble to sand or silt size in paleosols, all of which carry high to low REEs, high base metals, partial Pt and Ir coated surfaces, indicators of nuclear like cosmic events. Evidence of catastrophism is embedded in surface sediments at the Younger Dryas boundary. They even go as far as to claim an airburst from a fragment or fragments with an origin in Comet Encke [per Bill Napier, 2010]. See also William Mahaney in the International Journal of Earth Sciences of September 2022 at https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00531-022-02243-9  … but you can of course read it at the Cosmic Tusk link.

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