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K/Pg boundary event again

11 January 2023

Willia sent in a link to https://www.yahoo.com/news/paleontologist-accused-making-data-dinosaur-200800871.html … a palaeontologist is accused by another of making up data on the K/Pg boundary event – the dinosaur killing asteroid strike. A bit of a huff between the two of them. This refers to a site in North Dakota reported on In the News last month, and earlier. An analysis of fossilised fish is said to pin down the season in which the asteroid, or asteroids, struck earth. Ther paper is in Nature [June 2021] and said the season was spring as a result of studying the fish fossils. However, they were pre-empted by another paper in Scientific Reports by a rival team of palaeontologists.

William also sent a link to https://www.yahoo.com/news/comet-first-likely-only-appearance-154657613.html … which claims the January comet due to pass close to the Sun on the 12th, and approach the earth in early February, may be the only time this particular comet comes anywhere near the inner solar system, in the future or in the past. A lot of assumptions here as the origin of comets in the Oort Cloud, and thus their trajectories, is a theory.



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