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One in Ten Thousand years gamma-ray burst

1 April 2023
Astronomy, Electric Universe, Electromagnetism

This is the big story of late March – 3 published articles on a 2022 [October 9th] pulse of intense radiation that swept across the solar system – the brightest of all time. Or BOAT as the shorthand would have it. The short burst of bright light was a gamma ray burst – the most powerful explosion in the universe. What did that do to temperatures on the planet last autumn? Presumably it would have pumped energy into the solar system at large, and the earth as a particular. See https://phys.org/news/2023-03-nasa-missions-in-year-gamma-ray.html

After analysing data from spacecraft and observatories astronomers have written up their findings. GRB 221009A, as it is now known, was likely the brightest burst of x-ray and gamma ray energies to occur over thousands of years. Or, as one physicist would have it, since civilisation began. Projection I am supposing as we don’t know. Once in ten thousand years, it is alleged. The burst was so bright gamma ray instruments in space could not record the real intensity of the anomaly. Scientists reconstructed it via Fermi data, NASAs Fermi gamma-ray space telescope, as well as the Russian Konus instrument onboard NASAs Wind spacecraft. The US group compared their findings not only with Russian scientists but with Chinese scientists too, who consulted their Insight HXMT observatory, as well as satellite data from all three. Overall, the conclusion was the burst was 70 times brighter than any yet seen by modern technology.

Some astronomers are said to think such outbursts represent the birth cries of black holes formed when the cores of massive stars collapse. Such gamma ray bursts are usually accompanied by a supernova, seen a couple of weeks later, we are told. No such supernova has been seen in the wake of this outburst. Mainstream are forced to make excuses why this is so.

However, when we look at the Electric Universe model we find they claim these outbursts are caused by plasma z-pinches, an electro-magnetic phenomenon. Who is right?

You can buy Don Scott’s book, ‘The Interconnected Cosmos‘ via the SIS web site, at £24 plus postage. It explains in some detail how the electric universe may work, and the role of plasma.

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