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Ice Age shift in circulation

5 April 2023
Catastrophism, Climate change

This interesting research is at https://phys.org/news/2023-03-scientists-uncover-ice-age-shift-pacific.html … the overturning circulation of the Pacific ‘flipped‘ during the last Ice Age – presumably the Late Glacioal Maximum. It altered the placement of water rich in co2, suggesting bottom water came to the top, or vice versa. The researchers then speculate that churning of the Pacific enforced the process of sequestration of co2 in the deep sea thereby leaving the amount of greenhouse gases in the Ice Age atmosphere depleted = colder weather. What else might have caused the advent of the Late Glacial Maximum? This appears not to be mentioned, or is passed over with little comment. No doubt this study can be easily pulled to pieces by somebody, if they had the will to do such a thing, or the incentive. On the other hand, we may note the overturning Pacific water could just as easily have been the result of pole movement – which is a sound explanation for the shift of polar status to NE America and NW Europe. It would involve a redistribution of oceanic waters – not just those of the Pacific. It could also explain the difference between global circulation, then and now. The research is useful as they have done all the hard work, and brought the anomaly to life. It can be set aside to later add to the growing list of anomalies that can be explained by a shift of the poles. Electro-magnetism will make it possible.

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