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Antarctic shenanigans

2 June 2023
Catastrophism, Climate change, Geology

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2023/05/31/rocks-beneath-antarctic-ice-sheet-reveal-surprising-past-i-e-natural-variation/ … natural cycles are well documented in earth history. One only needs to think of the Roman warm period or the Mid Holocene warm era. The claim that ‘many glaciers’ turns out to actually mean the area around the Thwaites Glacier – see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thwaites_Glacier … which is a region of the West Antarctic peninsular affected by sub-glacial volcanoes. Therefore, ice melts are to be expected, or shrinkage of the ice sheet. The ice then grows back again after the shrinkage event has petered out. The region is in fact a geothermal hot spot – for verification see https://www.livescience.com/46194-volcanoes-melt-antarctic-glaciers.html …Yet, the mantra is that the West Antarctic ice sheet is shrinking – in its entirety. This mantra is still part of the global warming/ climate change echo chamber. They carry on regardless, completely ignoring any evidence to the contrary. The same can be said about most things climate change and environmentalist – the ozone hole for example. Government agencies are even worse. They are on a plush gravy train and do not want to get off, as I read somewhere. Democracy must be at its lowest ebb since the 18th century.

The Tall Bloke story comes from https://phys.org/news/2023-05-beneath-antarctic-ice-sheet-reveal.html … and seems to concentrate on the climate change addition rather than the actual story itself – and the press release accentuates that side of the story. However, the best way to read these releases by universities of new research is just accept the obligatory climate change addition as an add-on and concentrate on what the researchers are saying besides that groupthink issue. It seems in recent years the ice sheet on the peninsular has shrunk – but the British Antarctic Survey team has discovered the ice sheet has been thinner over the last 5000 years. A story of shrinkage and reglaciation. They add, this means glaciers have grown following earlier shrinkage events. In other words, the West Antarctic ice sheet is at an historical high – not a lot of volcanic activity. They also make the more interesting, from a catastrophist point of view, that the ice sheet has been growing over the last 3000 years. Why is that? Well, as most subscribers to SIS journals know there was a major catastrophic event of some kind at the end of the Late Bronze Age in the ancient world. All across the region from the Aegean to the Indus Valley, and various other locations, including Europe and China, there was a climatic downturn that coincided with the destruction of cities and towns, the collapse of empires, including the Hittites and New Kingdom Egypt, followed by mass migrations of people, presumably refugees  as well as  more beligerent groups of warriors. Populations dropped by considerable numbers, the early Iron Age being an impoverished and poor archaeological layer followed bv a slow and steady increase as the Iron Age progressed. Something big happened and it involved seismic events as earthquakes have been blamed for some of the site destructions. These are currently dated around 1200BC, and many books have been published on the effects of what happened, without a clue as what actually did happen. In other words, a catastrophic event of some kind, currently ill-defined. In that context it is not surprising that seismic phenomena also occurred on the peninsular at the same point in time – as the event was global. Nothing on that scale seems to have occurred since that date – reflected in the slow increase in ice thickness. It is probably true to say the slow increase probably hides the occasional tectonic or burst of volcanic activity – not being severe enough to melt too much ice. On that basis, the same must be true of the modern world. Nothing much of note seismically has occurred on the peninsular yet shrinkage and growth has occurred. The orbit of the earth around the Sun may also play a role, we might imagine, as mentioned by one of Tall Bloke’s commenters. The climate change scare story ignores any kind of evidence that does not fit the mantra. Somebody could have solved the mystery and we would have no idea.


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