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El Nino and a Hot Ocean

18 June 2023
Climate change, Electromagnetism, Geology

The upcoming El Nino is the focus of a report at https://phys.org/news/2023-06-el-nio-backthat-good-news.html … but is it good news for all of us. The piece goes on to claim El Nino forms in the tropical Pacific and the warming at the equator leads to warming of the stratosphere. My antennae switched on at that point as over the last few months the Sun has been very active with lots of energy being pumped into the earth system. Is it El Nino that warms the upper atmosphere – or is it the Sun via electro-magnetic processes [and charged particles, some of which may derive from that very bright burst of gamma rays]. Climate science completely ignores the Sun, it would seem, and has certainly not kept abreadst of those solar probes looking at magnetic fields and the solar wind [plasma]. Have they got that bit the wrong way round?

At the same time, it continues, as El Nino forms the lower stratosphere cools. This may alter the track of jet streams. Therefore, they are saying, expect some funny weather. This is in turn affected by the movement of warm water out of the Pacific into the Indian and Atlantic oceans, the so called ocean circulation system that ends up in the cold waters of the Arctic Sea. At this point warm air rises and the warming is dissipated into the upper atmosphere – and space. If earth was a self regulating system this implies the ocean circulation system works by transferring warmth around the world and allowing it to disappear in the Arctic, thereby flushing out surplus amounts of energy sucked into the system from solar activity. That is not what mainstream are saying but it is similar to what Chiefio alleged a number of years ago. His claim was that we live in a water world – dominated by water. Water is everywhere – even under our feet. Hence, a self correcting system would most likely utilise water to stabilise temperatures on the planet. Or that is a possibility. Not a fact. We don’t know if the earth system does self regulate itself – which must include temperature if it is important to life.

While the enviros are celebrating the arrival of El Nino and the opportunity of the money men to pay shed loads more money to get the propaganda rolling  again, one can see El Nino is not necessarily a good thing for everyone. It will alleviate famine in the Horn of Africa, no doubt, but it will be drier in other parts of the world. At https://phys.org/news/2023-06-el-nio-avian-flu-deaths.html … the disovery of hundreds of dead sea birds off the coast of Mexico was first thought to be as a result of avian flu. Now, it seems El Nino is to blame – or that is the current mantra. The birds, it seems, died of starvation. There is no sign of bird flu in those birds examined in a laboratory. Warm water, we are told, speculatively in all likelihood, can drive fish into deeper  and cooler water, making it difficult for birds to find food. On the other hand, a lot of fish may have died, or moved away, as a result of the  Tonga underwater volcano – and they have yet to build back their numbers.

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