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4 July 2023
Climate change

If you want to know where the money comes from to fund climate alarmism, you might get a clue by reading the link at https://dailysceptic.org/2023/06/15/the-myth-of-big-oils-funding-of-climate-scepticism-vs-the-reality-of-big-greens-billions-driving-climate-alarmism/ … the headline, better or worse, the myth of Big Oil’s funding of climate scepticism versus the reality of Big Green’s billions driving climate alarmism. Personally, everyone should ask why the alarmists repeatedly tell lies. They shout out the mantra in an attempt to drown out any opposition – sometimes screaming  in a ridiculour manner and not letting the other side form a sentence, yet alone make a point. Telling porkies, over and over again, to my mind indicates they are on soft and soggy territory. If there was any substance in what they  holler they would not need to lie. But they do.

Various claims are put down by the opposition but they keep popping up again like those little metal targets that fall down in fairground shooting galleries, popping up again for the next contestant. The idea the Arctic is going to be ice free has been predicted over and over again – but it never happens. They have now pushed the can down the road to something like 2040. Even then it is highly unlikely to happen as the sun does not shine in the Arctic during the winter months – and ice reforms. Any melting, usually by hot sea water percolating into the Arctic Ocean, is quickly brought to a halt  once autumn/ fall kicks in.

We do know that alarmism is rife amongst the top most layers of our  society. It is virtually an elite ideology. They don’t go to church anymore but they do climate church instead. Climate change fearmongering is a preoccupaion mostly of the people living the life of riley at the top of the heap. Ordinary people find it implausible, even ridiculous. They know it is all about the money. In reality it is all about filling the boots of the already rich section of society – manoevring cash out of the pockets of the less prosperous. You know, the sort of people who go to work and pay taxes. This is what the link above demonstrates – to a certain degree. It is probably a lot deeper than that as there are a lot of people floating around getting rich on the backs of the plebs. On top of that the media spokespeople are full-on climate alarmism. We had a couple of hot weeks in June and the alarmists are telling us it is the hottest June since records began. One may wonder how far back their records go – certainly not very far as they seem to have erased the heatwaves and dry weather of 1976. It is fairly obvious why newspapers might take the shekels. There aren’t many people buying paper copies of the news. They can read it online. Television and radio stations are also obvious targets for a bung by the billionaires. It helps to sustain the indecent high wages some of the media types enjoy. The plebs are caught in the middle of this charade of lies and mischief making. Spiriting loot out of ordinary people’s pockets will come to a sticky end – but they will only claim they followed the science. Unfortunately, the science is the one thing they have failed to follow. Indeed, it is the view of extremists they follow and blabber.

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