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Shooting stars on the Sun

4 July 2023
Astronomy, Electric Universe, Electromagnetism

At https://phys.org/news/2023-07-solar-astronomers-stars-sun-corona.html … solar astronomers discover shooting stars on the solar corona.

At https://spaceweather.com … [July 4th 2023] we learn that a great sun spot, described as enormous, capable of producing X-class flares, is behaving oddly. On July 2nd AR3364 exploded – producing an extreme ultra violet flash of light. Radiation rained down on the ionosphere of the earth but it seems no actual CME occurred. Thee was enough energy to lift a coronal mass ejection but for reasons not really understood, it fell back down again – although the solar wind brought the radiation. The genesis of the flare is the interesting bit. The explosion of the sun spot was caused by a plume of plasma curling over the Sun’s limb. The plasma, or electrified gas, landed on the sun spot and triggered the blast.

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