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Quantizing Gravity

27 July 2023
cosmology, Electric Universe, Physics

Interesting article at https://www.quantamagazine.org/the-physicist-who-bets-that-gravity-cant-be quantized-20230710/ … Jonathan Oppenheim, a physicist at University College in London, suspects gravity cannot be understood via quantum mechanics. Theorists have tried to create a unified theory by quantizing gravity, or sculpting it to the rules set for quantum mechanics. Oppenheim, a former string theorist, became uncomfortable wih mathematical acrobatics being performed to tackle the black hole paradox. He has been looking around for alternative ideas. Space time is quantized has become a dogma with few physicists contradicting it.

In Electric Universe theory black holes are galactic size CMEs and gravity has less strength. Is this what is perplexing the good professor.

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