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Future Asteroid Impact

22 September 2023
Astronomy, Catastrophism

William sent in the link https://www.yahoo.com/news/nasa-predicts-large-asteroid-impact-191317759.html … NASA scientists even name the guilty asteroid. It is Bennu. It was discovered in 1999 and has an orbit that regularly crosses the path of the Earth – and no doubt other planets too. It passes close to earth every 6 years. Bennu is a third of a mile wide – somewhat smaller than the dinosaur killing asteroid. Why the hype? The predicted impact could occur in 2182 we are told. Really. They said that about Apophis not long ago – and then adjusted the data. One reason for the hype is in the following story, in the Yahoo newsroom queue. A sample from the surface of Bennu is due to land, in the Utah desert, in late September. Where we are now. It was collected by the OSIRIS-REx mission to Bennu. A bit of publicity before the big day is bound to please,

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