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Canyon of Fire

8 November 2023
Astronomy, Electromagnetism

At https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-023-03301-1 …. we have a story concerning a big CME that engulfed NASAs Parker Solar Probe last year, 2022. The Probe was able to take measurements as the solar blast washed over it. ESAs Solar Orbiter was nearby and saw what occurred. We are told we are living in a paradigm shifting moment as far as understanding the Sun is concerned, according to solar physicist Dan Seaton. The Probe has also seen the solar wind, plasma, sweep aside dust in its path. This seems to be how the dust and debris gassed out of comets in moved away from the vicinity of the Sun into further reaches of the inner solar system – and keeps on doing the same thing so that comet tails eventually dissipate over an ever wider region of space.

At https://spaceweather.com … archive November 3rd 2023 – has an opening gambit. This is an AI Free Zone. Text created by Chat SPT and other Large Language Models is spreading, especially across the Internet. Is is well written, artificial, and is frequently inaccurate … you have been warned.

At the same site, archive October 25th 2023 – orange auroras. A mystery. How they form is explained.

At https://www.livescience.com/space/the-sun/massive-solar-eruption-carves-60000-mile-long-canyon-of-fire-into-the-sun-on-halloween-night …. the eruption opened an enormous valley on the solar surface and a massive plume of plasma was released. It is the latest sign we are approaching solar maximum – within the 11 year cycle.

Finally, at https://spaceweather.com … archive November 4th 2023 – this weeked three different CMEs could make contact with earth’s atmosphere – although two are off target and may only deliver a glancing blow. We are then told Comet 12P/Pons Brooks, lit up for the umpteenth time. It brightened by a hundred fold on Halloween [no doubt influenced by the CME that left the canyon of fire. We are old, however, it was another example of cryo-volcanic activity on the comet. It is currently shining like a 12th magnitude star – even though it is way off earth.

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