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Iceland Volcano

16 November 2023
Electromagnetism, Geology

At https://www.livescience.com/planet-earth/volcanos/times-finally-up-impending-iceland-eruption-is-part-of-centuries-long-volcanic-pulse … which is basically saying they don’t know why voilcanoes erupt when they do. What on earth could they be ignoring?

The immanent eruption of a volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsular, it is claimed, is part of a 1000 year cycle of volcanic activity on the island. Hundreds of earth tremors, and murmurs, have been recorded since October – and evacuation of at least one town has begun. A magma tunnel has opened up and lava appears to be rising towards the surface. On the other hand, magma might just be filling a void caused by a tectonic fracture. Therefore, it is not certain it will blow. Another interesting point is that the recent seismic activity has coincided with several burst of solar wind breaching the magnetosphere – in October and November.

At https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2023/11/231113192036.htm … according to the American Geophysical Union some of the modern earthquakes may be aftershocks from earthquakes in the 19th century. Regions near historical earthquake epicentres are still seismically active, it seems. However, one could look at it another way – they could be foreshocks of a major upcoming earthquake in interior North America.

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