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Shadow Comet

20 November 2023
Astronomy, Climate change, Electromagnetism

At https://spaceweather.com … archive November 19th, 2023. A big new sun spot group is emerging on the rotating face of the Sun. It is crackling with flares. Meanwhile, Comet 12P Pons-Brooks continues to intrigue astronomers. After the November 14th flare up – brightening a hundred fold, it is now a pearly green sphere with a dark curved lane appearing inside. The horns have gone. The dark lane appears to be a shadow – from a bright plume in front of the sphere.

Jennifer Marohasy, an Australian blogger – see https://jennifermarohasy.com/2023/11/political-and-natural-hazards-arc-part-3/ … attended the recent ARC conference in London. She begins by explaining how the IPCC have flattened the historical climate records. Prior to computer modeling the scientists interested in climate in the past assembled a record from chronicles, grain price records, C14 dates, pollen analysis and vegetable history, tree rings, ocean sediment cores and meteoriological instrument records. In other words, they had to do a fair bit of work rather than play around on their computers.

ARC stands for a mouth full = Alliance for Responsible Citizenship. You know it is a talking shop with a name like that. And it was. She said that climate usually shifts quickly in response to a vector of some kind – such as a volcanic eruption. It can also rise very quickly as well as suddenly fall, yet the IPCC have produced a model of the past that shows a gradual and slow increase in temperature, with nary a drop back down. It is so obviously false, I might add, that even your taxi driver can see through it. Or the old boy standing in the queue for the till. In other words, they have more or less erased the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods – and completely ignored the ships logs of navies in the 18th and 19th centuries. All done by the simple process of inserting an algorythm in the temperature record models. The conference, on the other hand was all about getting conservatives onboard the climate orgy. Mainly English speaking countries with the odd EU attendee. She was there by invitation it seems, along with Australian conservative politicians. They were of course the guests of British conservatives – not necessarily all from the Conservative Party. One can see where the bowl of cream was hiding – and who had cream on their lips. Most of Joe Public would be bored stiff at such a gathering – people patting each other on the back and learning new tricks of the troughing trade. Hence, no point in reciting any of the tosh. Jennifer did inform on a few things, in the past and in the present. For instance, the South Sea islands of the Pacific experience sea level falls during major El Nino events. I didn’t know that but it is all to do with the Trade Winds. This occurred, for example, in 1983, 1992, and 1998. El Nino involves a collapse of the Trade Wind system – and lots of sea water shifts towards the South Amewrican ocast. In particular it is severe off the coast of Peru. In mid ocean the warm water pools, and at first doesn’t go anywhere as the winds have dropped. However, when the pooling reaches a specific level it begins to move eastwards – as that is the direction the earth rotates. This means the Pacific islanders experience lower sea levels – and when climate alarmists say the oceans are rising around, shall we say, Tuvalu, it is in fact the water returning as the Trade Winds pick up again. Bear that in mind next time you read something about the Pacific islands under threat of being engulfed by rising sea levels.  A neat little trick to confuse your average reader. Jennifer  Marohasy has been a persistent thorn in the flesh to Australian alarmists as she has consistently pointed out the Great Barrier Reef is not in decline, going so far as to don her underwater gear to go down and actually look at the reef. This is quite unlike the academic commenters on the tragic loss of coral. They keep their bums safely on their seats. Yet, if you repeat a doom sasying often enough a lot of people will believe you. That is how advertising on TV works. Propaganda wins out over field research.

Finally, she also added that the expected El Nino this year has already started. We haven’t heard a lot about it of late as the boiling seas as a result of the submarine volcano has proved to be a good propaganda element, instead. The equatorial Pacific is pooling – straddling the equator. Later, the warm water will move south, brush past the West Antarctic Peninsular via the Indian Ocean, and eventually will filter into the Atlantic. It will dissipate once it enters the Arctic Ocean – warmth rises above the cold air. She predicts this summer will be a scorcher in Australia – with no rain, or very little rain. That is of course the picture most of us have of the weather in Australia. The recent sequence of La Ninas have filled the reservoirs and rivers are flowing – all about to change for a couple of years.

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