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5 December 2023

At https://www.livescience.com/archaeology/possible-arctic-graveyard-may-be-northernmost-stone-age-cemetery-but-there-are-no-human-remains-to-prove-it … another intriguing archaeological discovery. Archaeologists have discovered what looks like a prehistoric cemetery  in northern Europe. Just outside the Arctic Circle. In Finland to be exact. It is about 6500 years old [or roughly 4500BC]. Thousands of artefacts have been dug out of the ground. These include animal bones, stone tools, and pottery sherds. There are also 127 pits of various sizes. They are filled with sediment so one to uncover in the future. It is pretty clear the humans were hunter gatherers – of the 5th millennium BC. The animal bones confirm this as they include seals, beavers, salmon, and reindeer.

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