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Pre Clovis Settlement

9 February 2024
Ancient history, Anthropology, Dating

This is now a perennial update since the Clovis dam was breached not so long ago. Fourteen projectile points from Coopers Ferry in Idaho have been carbon dated to 15,700 years ago – a couple of thousand years older than other points at the same site. The findings are published by Science Advances – see https://doi.org/10.1126/sciadv.ade1248 … They are in fact about 3000 years older than Clovis fluted points – which were for a long time regarded as the first evidence of human  settlement in North America. It became something of a dogma and was fiercely defended by academics resistant to open minded thinking. The interesting point we may take from the new finding is that the points in question resemble  projectile points from Hokkaido island in Japan – from the early Jomon era. Over there they are dated between 16,000 and 20,000 years ago. The similarities are said to be significant.

Over at Current World Archaeology 123 – see https://www.world-archaeology.com … the discussion is cosmic dust. Various space missions, such as OSIRIS REx, have been to asteroids to collect rock samples and dust grains, bringing the spoil back to earth, but at con siderable expense. However, some scioentists have also been innovative without resorting to space ships. They have discovered  that dust on the roofs of churches and cathedrals such as Canterbury and Rochester, also harbour dust with an origin in space. Being up high and way above human activity it is more or less pristine also. Many space particles burn up in the earth’s atmosphere on a daily basis but some survive to form distinctive spherics = micrometeorites. Up to a 100 million of them land on earth every year. The problem is that they are difficult to spot in soil, or on road surfaces etc. They are also quickly contaminated.. The roofs of cathedrals are a different kettle of fish. Dust that has landed there has not been disturbed or had people trampling over them. It has proven to be one way to keep up with the space boys. Not only that, cathedral roof repairs come with well recorded dates etc.

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