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Tim Berners-Leer

17 March 2024
Inside science, Uncategorised

At https://www.livescience.com/technology/communications/35-years-after-first-proposing-the-world-wide-web-what-does-its-creator-tim-berners-lee-have-in-mind-next-inrupt …. Tim Berner-Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web, appears to be unhappy that the balance of power has drifted to large corporations and big tech companies. This is not what he had in mind when he began his journey. He published the first web page for CERN users in 1991 – as he was an employee of CERN at the time [the European Organisation for Nuclear Research]. His software was FREELY distributed the following year. By 1994 there were 10,000 web servers online. It ws that quick. He moved from CERN to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and founded the World Wide Web Consortium to ensure that the web’s royalty free open nature was baked into its principles. In  2009 he helped set up the World Wide Web Foundation whose aim was to fight for a world where everyone had affordable access to the Web. For the last decade he has pushed  for the third evolution of the Web – which he calls Web 3.0. It stays true to its founding principles of being open and royalty free. Hopefully, this will continue, but as he wants to bring governments into the new Web he may have problems going forwards. The sharks are  also circling.

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