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Stonehenge Lunar Standstill

11 May 2024
Archaeology, Astronomy

At https://www.livescience.com/archaeology/major-lunar-standstill-may-reveal-if-stonehenge-is-aligned-with-the-moon … further to the post last week on Stonehnge and its station stones, forming a rectangle and an alignment to the lunar standstill, can very soon be proven true or untrue. A once in a generation event, a ‘major lunar standstill’, is now underway, we are told. Some scientists are keen to find out if the moon had a role when Stonehenge was set up five thousand years ago. If it is proved correct they then have to find an explanation for why the moon might have been important. Will it be back to Alexander Thom? The cycle begins in 2024 and carries on into 2025 – a long cycle. It seems it has the blessing of English Heritage – who are usually neutral.

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