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14 Sep 2021
Barents Sea Crater

At ... a crater at the bottom of the Barents Sea is 40 km in width. It is located between Svalbard and northern Norway and was churned out by a 1.6 km diameter meteor, it has been estimated. It took place around 142 million years ago on the geological column. A giant wave engulfed Norway and Greenland. The actual extent of the North Atlantic at this time is not mentioned but Greenland would have been a good deal closer than it is now.

14 Sep 2021
Ice Free Arctic Oasis

At ... researchers from Norway and the UK have been looking at polynyas - ice free openings between land ice and sea ice. These allowed life to flourish even at the ice sheet edge. They seem to have existed during the Late Glacial Maximum - when ice covered much of Scandinavia, 3 km thick in parts of Norway.

14 Sep 2021
Alaskan Prime Pastures

At ... scientists have been forced to accept that during the Late Glacial Maximum summers were several degrees warmer than in the modern world. These were endemic to Siberia and Alaska - north of the Arctic Circle. The old view that during the extent of the last Ice Age, or at least from 60,000 years ago onwards, to the beginning of the Holocene, a huge ice sheet covered the northern hemisphere from one end to the other, has been abandoned.

14 Sep 2021
Interior Seaway

At ... the author, a geologist, comments on an article in Hakai magazine [which you can get to online]. It revolves around a paleontological site in what is now Alabama, some 250 km inland from the Gulf of Mexico. It was of course submerged in the so called period of the Interior Seaway, cutting a swathe across the middle of North America in the Cretaceous period. Gullies of white chalk are said to represent the remnants of the bed of an ancient sea - the remains of an algae bloom.

10 Sep 2021
North Sea Ice Age

Willian sent in this link and it opens a fascinating subject. At ... a spectacular Ice Age landscape has been revealed beneath the North Sea. Deep, kilometre wide channels gouged out of the sea bed by fast flowing rivers of water - presumed to be melt water from ice. The link has images but for the best set of views go to ...

10 Sep 2021
Antikythera Mechanism

William also sent in this link. On the Antikythera Mechanism - see Current World Archaeology 108 [August/September 2021] pages 16-23 [see also ] and T Freeth et al [2021] 'A Model of the Cosmos in the Ancient Greek Antikythera Mechanism' in Scientific Reports at ... It has been described as a computer. A mechanism to calculate, or compute. It is a testament to Greek ingenuity - but what was it used for?

8 Sep 2021
Polar Wander Oscillation

A Late Cretaceous 'polar wander oscillation' has been recognised - see ... where you can download the full pdf. True polar wander, or movement at the poles, is well documented for other planets and moons, but geologists are shy of saying it could happen on our planet, Earth. This paper proposes it has happened - towards the end of the Cretaceous [which witnessed the extinction of the dinosaurs]. We might then ask - did the asteroid strike cause the poles to move?

8 Sep 2021
A Lumpy Moon

William also sent in this link - ... Perseverance on the surface of the planet Mars, has beamed back some nice images - including one of the Mars moons.

At ... recruiting volunteers to look for active asteroids

At ... a hidden population of brown dwarfs

8 Sep 2021

The big news of the month is the discovery of earthquake damage at Jerusalem which has been provisionally dated to the 8th century BC, mainly because Amos records a raash [in the reign of Uzziah] that rent the Temple and city. See ... and various other media links such as the Jerusalem Post. We are promised further details later in the month.


8 Sep 2021
Submerged Past Worlds

Interesting article from The Conservation - but see ... and although some of the evidence produced is very interesting it is unfortunately an article inspired by the idea of modern global warming and rising sea levels. This leads to some strange interpretation of the legendary material - even the stone alignments of Britanny which are said to originate as an attempt to stop sea levels rising by appealing to the gods.