Talk news

2015 Spring Meeting & AGM

25 April 2015
  • Bob Johnson: 'The Variability of the Sun and the Effects on Earth'
  • Piers Corbyn : 'Where is the weather going ? What does and does not cause climate change?'

2014 Autumn Meeting

25 October 2014
  • Daphne Chappell: ‘The Secrets of Biblical Dating’
  • Don Mills: ‘Amalek in Arabia and Egypt’
  • Bob Johnson: 'The Nature of the Sun Reconsidered'

2014 Spring Meeting

20 May 2014
  • Henry Zemel: A Tabula Rasa approach to Ancient Near Eastern History
  • Barry Curnock: The Architecture of the Serapaeum

The David Salkeld Memorial Meeting

7 September 2013
  • Trevor Palmer: Introduction
  • David Roth: The Mysterious 'Shamir'
  • Dwardu Cardona: The Proto-Saturnian System's Linear Alignment (Delivered by Wal Thornhill)
  • Barry Curnock: Peter Warlow's 'Tippe-Top' Theory
  • Emmet Sweeney: Scythians and Sumerians
  • Wal Thornhill: David and the Polar Configuration

2013 Members Spring Lecture Meeting

11 May 2013
  • Prof Mike Baillie: New Musings on Evidence for Extra-terrestrial Impacts
  • Barry Curnock: One Dozen Hittite Anomalies

Chronology & Catastrophism: Velikovsky's Legacy

15 September 2012
  • Barry Curnock: two major tests of the Chronology
  • Trevor Palmer: the predictions made by Velikovsky
  • Daphne Chappell: the assumptions and methodology use by revisionists

2012 Spring Meeting

5 May 2012
  • Tony Haynes: Energy Innovations
  • Robert M. Porter: Shortening the Late Third Intermediate Period in Egypt

2011 Autumn Meeting

3 September 2011
  • Laurence Dixon,  'When and Why Europeans Changed the Calendar Between Tiberius and Bede
  • Frank Wallace, 'An Alternative Broad-brushed Outline of Human History'
  • Bob Johnson, ''Evidence for the Anisotropy of the Speed of Light' 

The Archaeology of Alalakh - A Load of Bull?

16 April 2011

Barry Curnock gave two audio/visual presentations:

  • 'The Archaeology of Alalakh - A Load of Bull?
  • 'The Length of the Year in the Second Millennium BC'

Exploring the Electric Universe

10 July 2010
  • Wallace Thornhill  - 'Exploring the Electric Universe' (with an additional presentation by him on behalf of Dr C. J. Ransom).