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28 May 2015
windy, windy

A paper by Nils-Axel Morner in Energy and Environment, volume 22 No 3 (2011), 'Arctic Environment by the Middle of this century' (being the 21st century in question) which goes on to claim, contrary to the global warming hypothesis, that we are entering a cooler weather episode in the northern hemisphere. Morner is a CAGW hate figure - and very long in the teeth, so a certain amount of scepticism is desired as he appears to enjoy rocking the boat of settled science.

24 May 2015
women and chores

At ... I don't suppose they were gambling for money - but may be for their shirts (or was it who was skinning the rabbit).

The excellent web site Western Digs has come up with another bit of useful analysis following the fantastic discovery from a cave in Utah (on the

15 May 2015
St Paul's conversion

An article in Meteoritics and Planetary Science 50 (3) page 368-381 (2015) 'Chelyabinsk, Zond IV, and a possible first century fireball of historical importance' by William K Hartman of the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona has caught the eye of George Howard and he has posted the full article on his web site at ... click on the download button at the bottom of the pdf window and you can read the full article online or print out.

15 May 2015
ice cores and co2

At ... there is a short article on pre-industrial levels of co2 which clearly conflicts with the global warming mantra.

15 May 2015
Gobekli Tepe

Klaus Schmidt, the archaeologist in charge of the excavations at Gobekli Tepe over the last 20 years or so, has recently died. He was based at the Deutsches Archeologisches Institut in Berlin and wrote an article in 2010 outlining the discoveries at this most important ancient site, which goes back to 10,000BC (or thereabouts). It was published in 'Documata Praehistorica 37 (2010) and you can read it in English at

14 May 2015
Dr Mills

Tony, our secretary, has forwarded this link to the continuing research and development of alternative power. It is a video of a 30 minute lecture by Dr Mills on behalf of Blacklight Power. The aim is to produce energy at low cost without pollution or a waste byproduct and in time it will, it is claimed, make all other forms of energy generation obsolete. This is very similar to what was being said at the cusp of nuclear power stations - but lessons have been learned (we hope). Go to

14 May 2015
Grand Unified Theory

At ... there is an abstract of a book written by Dr Randell Mills who favours what he calls the Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics - which unifies Maxwell's Equations, Newton's Laws, and Einstein's General and Special Relativity. The central plank in this idea is that physical laws hold over all scales, from the scale of subatomic particles to that of the cosmos.

14 May 2015
Antarctic and pullovers

There has been a steady rash of papers over the years that claim ice is receding in the Antarctic - and global warming is afoot, melting the ice to unsustainable levels (and a tipping point is approaching fast). Invariably this is a ploy whereby the authors are able to pull the wool over the eyes of the general public by being miserly with the facts. The expression above goes back to the days when we tended to wear pullovers in northern Europe and N America on nippy days outside in the fresh air.

14 May 2015
thunderstorms and positrons

14 May 2015
chalk outlier

Going back some weeks ago on chalk oddities, a chalk outlier near Killarney has caused geologists a few headaches. It is described as enigmatic and lies adjacent to the main road between Killarney and Trilee in SW Ireland - but a long way away from the chalk formations of southern England. It was exploited in the 19th century by lime burners but how did it get there, among a landscape of Upper Carboniferous shales and sandstones. One might predict no rational explanation was available - but that did not deter geologists.