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11 Apr 2015

Boabs grow native to Africa and Madagascar - and a single relative thrives in the Kimberley region of NW Australia. How did boabs reach Australia?

11 Apr 2015
debunking clever cave men

At ... I suppose it was bound to happen. Following a cluster of studies that have shown Neanderthals were not the stupid backward mugglewups of the human tree we now have a fight back by the old guard who cannot accept Neanderthals were as bright as buttons. That is one way to look at it but on the other hand, somebody might just have checked out some bone fragments and raised the alarm as all was not as it was first proposed.

11 Apr 2015
30 year cooling

At ... click on the March issue at the top and scroll down to page 98. RT Cahill of Flinders University in Adelaide published the original story in Progress in Physics 10: issue 4 (Oct 2014, page 236-242) and it was reproduced, in part, at the NCGT Journal. It claims space speed fluctuations cause solar flares. The direction and magnitude of the space flow has been detected from numerous different experimental techniques and is close to the normal to the plane of the ecliptic.

11 Apr 2015
solar activity, earthquakes

At ... click on the March 2015 issue and scroll down to page 98, near the bottom. Mikhal Kovalyov and S Kovalyov published a paper that can be accessed at arXiv:1403:5728v2 10th February 2015 and claims cosmic rays play a prominent role in seismic activity on the Earth, correlating rather better than solar activity. However, cosmic rays also influence solar activity - which is currently a heretical position to adopt.

11 Apr 2015
Peter M James, global cataclysms

Peter M James second article at (March issue, page 87-98) is interesting but we need to bear in mind he is not an archaeologist or a historian, which explains why he gets the Hyksos mixed up with end of LB and end of the Old Kingdom. SIS has published lots of articles on Holocene neo-catastrophism so the subject is well known to most readers and they will be able to take him to task for this and that, I'm sure. However, he is a geologist and is at his best in that subject matter.

10 Apr 2015
different ways of dating things

An interesting development at ... the Isthmus of Panama formed between 17 and 15 million years ago rather than 3 million years ago, according to research published in the journal Science that used a novel way of dating zircon in rocks (April 12th, see The new dates are roughly contemporary with the time it is thought an ice cap fetched up on the Antarctic continent.

10 Apr 2015
Velikovskian orbits, radio oddities

Tim Cullen has been his usual self - questioning the group think of consensus science. One of his posts as been re-published at Tall Bloke's Talk Shop - go to

10 Apr 2015
sink holes, Dead Sea

This is a classic piece of geology as sink holes can pop anywhere and usually have a reason, quite often due to human action - the law of unintended consequences. At there are a collection of images - see the one below

10 Apr 2015
glaciers on Mars, seasons on the Sun

At ... Mars not only has polar ice caps but has glaciers elsewhere too - in both hemispheres. These glaciers have until now been obscured by a thick layer of surface dust - but they are made up of frozen water. Eureka - water on Mars. The paper was published in Geophysical Research Letters.

At ... the Sun is subject to seasonal variability with activity waxing and waning over a period of two years - according to a paper in Nature Communications this week.

9 Apr 2015

How is this beauty? At ... this picture was taken over an Icelandic lake with a curtain like aurora arching across the sky - and reflected in the water. It was generated by a CME that occurred on the 15th March, seen by a flotilla of spaceships including the SOHO observatory. Millions of tons of magnetically charged particles were blasted into space