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23 Nov 2014
Solent archaeology washing away in the tides

The Mesolithic community discovered by a team of divers off Bouldnor Cliff on the Isle of Wight is being eroded away - by the actions of the tide. Previously it had been a buried and unknown feature on what is now the sea bed. In the Mesolithic period, or rather, prior to 6000BC, the Solent was dry land - through which a river flowed on its way to the sea at an undisclosed location deep in the English Channell. The story can be found at

23 Nov 2014
vitrified forts in Scotland

Euan Mackie in an article, 'Can European Prehistory Detect Large Scale Natural Disasters?' came up with an interesting solution to the mystery of the vitrified forts of Scotland. Various strange ideas have been aired to account for them but the simplest solution is very often the most likely. For example, archaeologists were fond of suggesting that the wood was set alight at the point of building them, supposing they were a sort of design feature. The idea was mostly ditched when it became clear vitrification involved actually weakening the structure.

22 Nov 2014
an environmentalist on the climate scam

At ... a marine biologist and environmentalist disagrees with the Green Blob - see also ..... which is lifted from Quadrant. An interesting perspective, not unlike that of the sceptics - but destined, I would think, for oblivion, drowned out by the media and the politicos who are convinced they have a holy like crusade to keep down temperatures.

20 Nov 2014
What Gravity did for us

We all know what the Romans did for us - they created the border between Scotland and England. What did gravity do for us? It saved the universe according to a new scientific paper - see It's all about Big Bang dynamics, the Higgs Bosun particles - and the expansion of the universe.

20 Nov 2014
The Sun and Lightning

At ... we are told the Sun may be playing a part in the generation of lightning strikes on Earth by temporarily bending the Earth's magnetic field and allowing a shower of energetic particles to enter the upper atmosphere. Researchers from Reading University have been looking at this for some 5 years and their findings have been published in the journal Environmental Research Letters (this month).

20 Nov 2014
the big land slip in the big country

At ... and sent in by Gary, the same story is at Researchers-reveal-ground-really-did-Utah-21-million-years-ago-shifting 55-MILES-minutes-killing-path.html ... which has more pictures and a map that refuses to load on to this page. This is a geological story that has changed over the years, variously dated 21 or 22 million years ago and previously thought to be a series of land slips that took place over a long period of time.

20 Nov 2014
Plants fox co2 researchers

Several stories on the recent finding that plants suck up lots of co2 and when the crops are grown and then cut a lot of co2 is exhaled. However, CAGW is never as simple as it really should be as climate scientists have been searching for a fair number of years now for the missing heat. Is it in the clouds, in the oceans, or have plants been feeding on it - like a tonic. See for example ... and

19 Nov 2014

The ROSETTA Mission that landed a 220lb probe, the Philae, on Comet Churyumov Gerasimenko was a remarkable engineering and technological feat by the ESA. It has been in the planning stage for many years and this may account for the surprise when the probe bounced up and down at point of contact. The surface was much harder than expected - in spite of all the dust.

19 Nov 2014
Dark Age foxes Climate Change modellers

At ... and ... does not concern the end of the Bronze Age in the Aegean and Western Asia but concerns the end of the Bronze Age in Europe which occurred somewhat later. Hence, they are not foxed by the Dark Age of Greece and the Levant, for example, which was my first reading, but by a piece of stretched chronology, between a 100 and 200 years, evident in the first millennium BC and an artifact of the calibration method.

19 Nov 2014
The humble shrew foxes climate change modellers

This story is at ... a professor of geological science at the University of Oregon has said that the fossil record of five mammal species contradicts climate research as embodies in the models. These include shrews and flying squirrels. This is a reference to climate models that placed these animals in niche locations during the height of the Late Glacial Maximum. It was done by computer simulation of the climate and deduced where those animals should have survived the low temperature regime.